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St. Hugh's College, Oxford University (Oxford, England)
January 5, 2017

The Disorder of Death: Defining Death During the Enlightenment

Taken from Professor Conrad Brunstrom's Blog at:

"Finally we enjoyed (why did we enjoy it so much? what’s wrong with us?) a magnificent survey of grave robbing, live burials, narrow escapes from live dissection, together with a meditation on the definitional ambiguity of death itself."

Thomas Jefferson University (Philadelphia, PA)
April 16, 2013

London Plague of 1603: A Country in Turmoil


"Nicole is a creative, knowledgeable and engaging lecturer.  Her fund of knowledge is enhanced by her passion for the topic and her intense interest in her subject.  Nicole combines education and entertainment to transport her audience in time to really understand and experience London and the Plague."

-- Andrea Mechanick Braverman, PhD

"It was a pleasure to attend this lecture on the social and medical impact of the black plague in 17th century London. Nicole has clearly mastered the subject yet, was able to convey the information in a way that made it accessible to her audience. Even more surprising were the lengths she went to provide historically accurate recreations of apparel and homeopathic cures for the benefit of further educating the students. From my own background in archival studies, it was obvious that she pulled her research from authentic 17th century texts, not just from recently published scholarly literature, very impressive work!"

-- Gerri Mahn, MLS

"I always hated my history classes in school, but Nicole brought history to life in a way that was interesting and engaging for a health professional. Learning about the real-life, day to day challenges of common people in the era of the plague sparked a new interest in medical history for me. I could care less about wars and politics, but their relevance to people's health was revealed through Nicole's lecture. Don't miss a chance to hear a talk by Nicole - her enthusiasm and knowledge for this topic will make you love history in a whole new way."

-- Susan Wisch, RNC 

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